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Al Jazeera America
Dec 3, 2013 7:30pm EST
a recent phenomenon because it helps the environment. this is a great bioindicator of how well they're doing, and a lot of people are doing it in france. it's a really big urban area, and so is new york. >> welcome back, the video shot by the bee team at george washington university in dc. and it has hives on the campus. and urban beekeeping is taking off. and they're trying to legalize it in many cities. it could cause more harm than good. but talk to us about raising bees in the community. >> i love our community, they're so informed. ursula said: >> so larry, talk a little bit about the difference between commercial beekeeping and urban beekeeping, and if it's something that can turn the situation around. >> well, commercial beekeeping, i always considered it to be an artificial industry, because it became necessary once our agricultural industry decided to move over to a mono crop format. where if you have 50,000 acres of almonds, the bees can't survive except for the time when the almonds are putting out flowers. >> so they had to be brought in? >> so they had to have this arti
Al Jazeera America
Dec 4, 2013 2:30am EST
, the current populations of bees in most rural environments is so low, that you can plant whatever you want that there aren't going to be enough bees to take advantage of it. and right now, it's the bees that are needed. and i don't know of any one thing that any homeowner or business owner could do to have an impact on the local environment than adding a hive of bees to the property. this will bring the bees back to the area, and this is what so desperately needed. >> we have to pause there, and jennifer, we have 20 seconds left. not everybody agrees on the cause and the consequences, and what's the effect of doing nothing? >> well, we really can't wait on this problem. the bees can't wait. it's a complicated problem, but what we do know, the pesticides are harming the bees, and to ban them in ways that bees are exposed. >> that's all the time we have for the conference, than conver. and thank you all for joining us. until next time, raj and i will see on you line. >> >> u.s. vice president arrives in beijing hours after blaming china for increasing tensions in the region. [ ♪ music ]
Al Jazeera America
Dec 2, 2013 3:30am EST
in the school's food environment. >> welcome back. what you're looking at is a video from the national farm to school network. the organization estimates more than 10,000 schools across the country participate in the program. it's one of several innovative ideas that school systems are using to get kids excited about healthy eating. waj, i'm looking at the tweets coming in, and just before the break, julie was saying give control back to the lunch lady. this needs to go back and go local. >> yes, we should make the #empower the lunch lady go survival. viral. >> jean, waj raise as interesting point. when i was in school, the lunch ladies pretty much prepared everything from scratch on site on the premise. now there is heat and serve. why the flip? >> years ago there were considerable cuts to our program. that moved people away from scratch cooking. you're seeing more school districts going to scratch cooking. a lot of that is driven by the regulations to reduce sodium, to reduce fat, to get fruits and vegetables incorporated in the programs. we're moving back towards scratch cooking, i would
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)